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Address: Zhongsheng Guangwang Building,275 Wulianwang Street, Binjiang District,Hangzhoul,China
Postcode: 310051
Tel: +86-571-87828993
Fax: +86-571-87828901
E-mail: info@zmec.com

Complete Equipment

  • Fiber Preparation System

    Bale Opener It is suitable for various kinds of fiber bundles. Feeding quantitatively after fiber is preliminary opened. The weighing system measures and controls the weight of the material,…

  • Turkey Ankara Lake Music Fountain Project

    Turkey Ankara Lake Music Fountain Project

    Project name: Turkey Ankara Lake Music Fountain Project Specification and size of fountain pond: 200m *15 m fan-shape Total installed power: 2500kW Turkey Ankara extra-big sized laser water curtain…

  • Hydro-Power Equipment

    Hydro-Power Equipment

    Hydro-Power EquipmentOur company has been exporting more than 300 sets of hydro-power equipments to 30 countries, such as United States, Chile, New Zealand, the Philippines, Turkey, Nepal, Malaysia…

  • Power Generation &Transmission

    Power Generation &Transmission

    a. Complete plants for hydro power station Capacity:10 KW-50MWWater head:2m-360m.Types of hydraulic turbine that can be provided :Francis type Kaplan typeTubular typePelton typeCross-flow tb. Complete…

  • Large wind power station

    Large wind power station

    Model: WD49(50)-750KW Stall Wind Turbine Generator System 750KW i. Wind Turbine Produced by license from Germany Repower, the product past GL (Germany Lioyd) certification.The wind turbine is mature…

  • Wind Power Equipment

    Wind Power Equipment

    ZMEEC200—200W ZMEEC200—200W TECHNICAL PARAMETER Rated power(W) 200 Material of the blades Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics Max. power 280 No. of Blade 3 Rated wind speed (m/s) 6 Generator…

  • Garbage power equipment

    Garbage power equipment

    Our solid waste incineration power plant is for municipal solid waste disposal for environment protection.After incinerated, the heat can be used to generate electricity. Besides, the ash and slag can…

  • Float Glass Production

    Float Glass Production

    Central control room of float glass production line The production technology (Know-How) and complete set of equipment supplied by our company has closed or reached the international advanced…

  • Air Separation Plant

    Air Separation Plant

    Air Separation plant (Oxygen Plant) This plant is widely used in the fields of steel melting, paper making, chemical industry and medical usage.In 1983, we have exported one set of 150Nm3/h. Since…

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